Our Body


Our body is made up of different parts all the parts work together to keep us alive. Have you ever thought of the parts that make your body. How do the parts work together to keep you alive and healthy. What make your fingers move. why do your eyes blink. How do you breathe. what does your body need to perform all functions properly? Our body has different parts which perform specific functions.


In this chapter you will learn about:

  • Major body parts, introduction to human body and their functions (Teeth, Bones, Muscles, Brain, Lung, Heart, Stomach, Skin, Eye, Nose and Ear).
  • Common Disorders of some parts of your Body (Skin, Teeth and Stomach).

All the students will be able to:

  • Identify major parts of the human body.
  • State the functions of the major parts of the human body.
  • Describe how bones and muscles work together to produce movement.
  • Identify common disorders of various parts of body and their causes.
  • Suggest ways to keep parts of your body health.

Major Body parts

  • Identify major parts of the human body:

The human body is made up of many parts, such as the nose, legs, heart, liver, lungs and many other parts. All body parts are different from one another and are working together keep you alive. All parts work in coordination with one another, and perform their own function to keep you working and alive.

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