Major parts of the Body and their functions

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Do you know the function of your body parts? Find out the facts about your body parts. Talk to your peer, teacher, doctor and family members. Visit the school library and internet. The body is made up of different parts and each part has a different and specific functions; they are:


How do you recognize different things? How do you remember the way to your class? The part that controls all these and many more functions in the body is called the brain. The brain is the central control system of your body. Your brain directs all the activities of the body, such as seeing, hearing, thinking , feeling and remembering the events. The brain is safely placed between the thick bones of the skull. which protects your brain from injuries.


The food you eat, the sweets you eat and the drinks you drink, all go down to your stomach. The stomach is like a J-shaped bag.

The stomach performs three important functions:

  1. it stores the food.
  2. it breaks down the food, digests it and converts it into a liquid like mixture.
  3. it passes the liquid mixture to another body part, the intestine, for absorbing all the nutrients from it.

Sometimes, When you eat more than your appetite, your stomach expands to store that food. However, over-eating or eating spicy food causes obesity and ulcers.

Food for thought

Do drinking carbonated drinks help in the process of digestion.


You have two sets of teeth, these are:

  1. Primary teeth (milk or body teeth).
  2. permanent teeth. A three years old child has 20 primary teeth and adults have all the 32 permanent teeth. The function of the teeth is to help you chew your food, so that it can be digested more easily. if you don’t brush, or floss your teeth regularly, it will lead to the formation of cavities and plaques which make the teeth under go a decay process and make it painful for you to chew food.

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